Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mikulov Wine Cellar - Moravia

Moravian wine is considered the finest in the region. The beautiful rolling hills here produce a vintage of excellent table wines. In this Cellar (Vinny Sklep) are the traditional tools of the winemaster.
A taste of wine from the barrel is procured through this magic Bohemian crystal straw.
A drink fresh from the barrel may be quite strong.
A small glass is all that is needed, unless further tasting is required. Should you want to take some wine home with you, be sure to buy it while in Moravia. As the old Moravian saying goes, "The wine in Prague is never as good as it is in Moravia. Beacuse we keep the best wine for ourselves." Moravia


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ahoj, nice pictures, I you want i can put this to our tv broadcasting - Czech American TV Herald

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